Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Should You Care What I Say?

I suppose the simple answer would be you shouldn't. I have no particular qualifications, nor can I claim prodigious skill as a writer. In fact for many months I couldn't bring myself to write regularly for public consumption simply because I know the world is filled with words. Everyday empty people write empty words to be spread around only to provide a greater diversity of disguise for their emptiness. I am afraid that too many days I am one of those empty people. There are so many others who have so much more to offer, who I feel are too often over looked. Too often having failed to fill with Christ I too have nothing real to offer, and I have no desire for people to be filling their emptiness with my empty words.

Yet something else compelled me to finally break my silence and start writing again. Perhaps it is vain ambition. Perhaps it is simply the need for self assurance, but part of my build up needs to communicate. It longs to hear and be heard. I have been far too blessed of God to be silent about what he shows me. I have no special insight beyond my simple God given uniqueness of perspective as one of his children. What I do have is the word of God, and the ability to write.
Why should you care what I say? Perhaps you shouldn't. But perhaps God has brought you to this humble blog for some reason, even if that reason be to set me straight. I only hope if you do chose to read these words, that they always compel you to investigate the word of God in a deeper way, that we all may grow in deeper understanding of him.

It was once said to me that telling others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is like one Beggar telling another where to find bread. And in such spirit I invite you to the Beggars Market.

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