Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The church is the bride of Christ...

not to put words in God's mouth but i think some people might get to heaven and have God say "welcome my child, enter into your inheritance, and while you're here let's talk about how you've been treating my wife"

Is scripture about thinking or feeling?

I've seen and heard a lot of talk lately about Christianity and the bible in particular surrounding this idea of thinking or feeling. I often get accused of cogitating my way out of a good day. In the same token you might describe someone else as loveydovey, when they seem thoughtless in their affections. I found this wonderful quote from the very passionate, very thoughtful C.J. Mahaney. I think he helpfully removes what is perhaps a false dichotomy. This is transcribed to I pray you'll forgive if I misplace a word or two, I trust it is true to its intent:

"What you hear with these men (bible teachers) is the public display of private devotion. Too many of us want the public without the private... there is a relationship between thinking and feeling. That relationship needs to be brought to all of our attention...If you don't think deeply you're not going to feel deeply... what I hope is transfered from listening to these men is an appetite to read, which is a labor. It will not be immediately rewarding. It will be eventually rewarding by the spirit of God"- C.J. Mahaney addressing the keynote panel at the resolved 2010 conference.

Now should you be tempted to think Pastor Mahaney is simply saying this as a "passionless egghead" as I am occasionally accused of being, I would beg you to listen to his recent address at the aforementioned conference on meeting the real Jesus. http://vimeo.com/13217746 I believe you'll find this man and the ministry he has been given are about as real and transparent as you can get.