Friday, September 25, 2009

Past Musings Vol 2: Stop the Alphabetical Opression

Origional publication April 7 2007

Now that I've finaly caved to the pressure and started updating multiple facebook apps. (give me a break they let me have an online bookcase, and be a jedi, how could I refuse) I've found a pointless beef. The music app is "i like" not what I like, I like this stuff, but "i like" as in the, i pod, i mac, i phone, i book, I schmuck etc. A shamless mac plug. Whats next I shoes, the I toilet, perhaps bottle opener. Now don't get me wrong I have no problem with the apple/macintosh computer company as such, I'm too ignorant of computers to have an educated opinion on that age old conflict, however I do want the letter I back.

How long will we allow the very letters of our alphabet to be shamlessly held hostage by big buisness. What if Warner Brothers wanted Q for some reason, would we be willing to just give up on words like Queen, and Quill, making them "Q"-een and "Q"-ill? I wan't I back and I'm not afraid to say it (I think I actualy owe steve jobs $20 in royaltees for that sentence)Its not realy good advertising anyway.

Honestly their marketing department must be incredibly lazy. Let me give you a senario."Hey guys we got a new product, we want to name""Oh cool whats it do""Well pretty much everything, it surfs the internet, keeps your schedule, tracks your stocks, and tells your future""cool""So what do you thing we should name it""umm... I thingy""thats incredible""thats I-credible sir"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Past Musings- Vol 1- If I don't live to see tomorow

For the comming days I'll be posting past blog posts in an effort to aquaint you with the journey I've taken. I believe there are worthwhile nuggets contained in the comming passages, however you may have to forgive the poor spelling and delivery of a young man. If nothing else, feed your nostagia.

If I don't live to see tomorow
Originally Published : Monday, January 1, 2007 at 2:11am

I'm not realy sure who reads these notes. Granted if the comments are any indication, not many, that is unless I say something, provocking, brash, stupid, or all of the above. However I cannot look back on 2006 on this newyears day without saying this in every media I posses. As I prepared for the new year, I played a board game wherein the object was to guess what other people think of you. An intriguing concept I assure you. What I found was no suprise I am sure. Many times people saw through me, peicing deeper in to my heart then I thought possible, often on a whim, or Joke, cutting to the quick. And yet even more often, their realisations only scraped the surface passing over so much more I had wanted them to see. I am drawn to wonder, how often have I misrepresented myself to those around me, without even trying, they might never know the real me.

Deep within the core of who I am, there is something I do not want you to miss. I beg, I implore you to take notice of it. It simply is what I am, without it I have no reason to live. It both powers and difines me, and yet is greater than I am. Simply my faith in christ. I know many dismis this as a drug of weakness, and I have spent a great part of my time and intelect on defending the truth,the logical defensibility of the diety. But quite simply at the end of the day, you need to know that all the logical and yes even scientific proofs of God are only the evidnence of what is still taking place. As the weather vane scientificaly proves the wind, so does loosing yourself to the gale.

I almost wince to say it. If you know me, you know I stink. I feel that by taking the name of christ I drag it through my mud. I am the greatest of failures, yet that is what makes christ amazing. He has taken even my shame. I am not good enough for his heaven, none of us are. If God is good, he must do what is right, Justice, is for me to die. Christ took that Justice, and by him I live, but it is more than that, he lives in me. I wish I had time to speak with all who read this note.

It is simply the most important thing I could ever say to you. Time is short, we have been given another year, don't bet that you'll have another. Seek the lord while he may yet be found.

Why Should You Care What I Say?

I suppose the simple answer would be you shouldn't. I have no particular qualifications, nor can I claim prodigious skill as a writer. In fact for many months I couldn't bring myself to write regularly for public consumption simply because I know the world is filled with words. Everyday empty people write empty words to be spread around only to provide a greater diversity of disguise for their emptiness. I am afraid that too many days I am one of those empty people. There are so many others who have so much more to offer, who I feel are too often over looked. Too often having failed to fill with Christ I too have nothing real to offer, and I have no desire for people to be filling their emptiness with my empty words.

Yet something else compelled me to finally break my silence and start writing again. Perhaps it is vain ambition. Perhaps it is simply the need for self assurance, but part of my build up needs to communicate. It longs to hear and be heard. I have been far too blessed of God to be silent about what he shows me. I have no special insight beyond my simple God given uniqueness of perspective as one of his children. What I do have is the word of God, and the ability to write.
Why should you care what I say? Perhaps you shouldn't. But perhaps God has brought you to this humble blog for some reason, even if that reason be to set me straight. I only hope if you do chose to read these words, that they always compel you to investigate the word of God in a deeper way, that we all may grow in deeper understanding of him.

It was once said to me that telling others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is like one Beggar telling another where to find bread. And in such spirit I invite you to the Beggars Market.