Friday, September 25, 2009

Past Musings Vol 2: Stop the Alphabetical Opression

Origional publication April 7 2007

Now that I've finaly caved to the pressure and started updating multiple facebook apps. (give me a break they let me have an online bookcase, and be a jedi, how could I refuse) I've found a pointless beef. The music app is "i like" not what I like, I like this stuff, but "i like" as in the, i pod, i mac, i phone, i book, I schmuck etc. A shamless mac plug. Whats next I shoes, the I toilet, perhaps bottle opener. Now don't get me wrong I have no problem with the apple/macintosh computer company as such, I'm too ignorant of computers to have an educated opinion on that age old conflict, however I do want the letter I back.

How long will we allow the very letters of our alphabet to be shamlessly held hostage by big buisness. What if Warner Brothers wanted Q for some reason, would we be willing to just give up on words like Queen, and Quill, making them "Q"-een and "Q"-ill? I wan't I back and I'm not afraid to say it (I think I actualy owe steve jobs $20 in royaltees for that sentence)Its not realy good advertising anyway.

Honestly their marketing department must be incredibly lazy. Let me give you a senario."Hey guys we got a new product, we want to name""Oh cool whats it do""Well pretty much everything, it surfs the internet, keeps your schedule, tracks your stocks, and tells your future""cool""So what do you thing we should name it""umm... I thingy""thats incredible""thats I-credible sir"

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  1. The same thing happened with the letter "e" a few years back....and I think the letter "a" before that. Clearly they are not as popular as "i" and that's just changing the case...I think "e" was even upside-down if I remember correctly.