Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thoughts on Seminary: Week 1

Obviously starting out this new season of life, time for writing has given way to reading for assignments, reciting Greek paradigms and late night theology cramming. Nonetheless this is my little attempt to keep my mind above the mire of assignments, papers, discussions, chapels, presentations, and books, to share just a few thoughts on little moments of insight each week of my seminary experience.

1. Learning a new language is tough, but not nearly so tough as I thought. I wish fear hadn't kept me from trying to learn the biblical languages earlier
2. I've been way too cynical in the past. I've seen that Christian community when truly attempted, truly works. It's not perfect, but by God's grace it is glorious.
3. Why didn't anyone in South Dakota tell me that cock roaches are that stupidly big in real life?
4. When surrounded by those with the same skills, I'm am remarkably unremarkable.
5. Being remarkable really has nothing to do with happiness.



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